Let me be your butterfly

Allan Dobranksy -- Let me be your butterfly (Oregon Marriage Equality)

Let me be your butterfly

by Allan Dobransky Jr.

Slit wrists and broken hearts

We’re all losing at this game before it starts.

All afraid to let you down

So each day we force a smile to cast away a frown.

Just wanting to say “I love you” out loud,

Just wanting to make you proud.

Why must the two conflict?

Why must the laws of love always be so strict?

Living with each hello tied to a goodbye

There’s a hidden fascination with the life of a butterfly.

The young caterpillar receives little attention

Much like our love’s retention.

And the poor cocoon is ugly as its true form hides.

But when the butterfly wakes, beauty cries

Out like a song in the night.

True beauty remains unknown until in plain sight.

Living life like a firefly,

Only lighting your life against the night sky

Is never a happy story to tell.

Hiding one’s love; your happiness, pride and dignity you sell.

Like Ethiopia, we are forgotten.

To love with all my heart makes hatred begotten.

Sinned have I,

As I’ve watched the butterfly

Soar with admired praise

As I’ve sat alone crying for days.

But the butterfly has taught me this,

A kiss is a kiss

And the only true sin is to live without bliss.

So I ask this of my parents to try,

Let me be your butterfly.

You can read more of Allan’s poetry here.

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