Bad combo: anti-gay and the alpha-male syndrome

Pink poodle (Bad combo: anti-gay and the alpha-male syndrome)

(The pink poodle pictured isn’t the same one mentioned in this post.)

Just yesterday, March 1, 2013, a gay man and his boyfriend in Hillsboro, Oregon were out for a walk with their pink-colored poodle named Beauty (Oregon has been in the news quite a bit lately for anti-gay related crimes and discrimination). While in a crosswalk, the victim, David Beltier, said that a man, George Mason, Jr., pulled alongside of them and started yelling and cursing. George was telling David that his poodle’s color was “Un-American” and was using anti-gay slurs (the couple dyed their dog pink with Kool-Aid for Easter). Mr. Anti-Gay, George Mason, Jr. then proceeded to get out of his car and hit David in the face. Next he went back to his car and brought out a wrench which he used to hit David in the back of the head. Thankfully David is physically okay. George was arrested earlier today, March 2nd.

This story is yet another example of a guy with an anti-gay mentality who thinks it’s okay to assault people just because they are gay… and in this case have a pink colored poodle. I will never understand why someone would find it necessary or okay to curse and use anti-gay language at someone and then even assault them.

Not only is this George guy an anti-gay jerk, he also seems to suffer from the dreaded “Alpha-Male” syndrome. While not stated in the article I read, I think it would be safe to assume that when George began yelling and cursing at David and his boyfriend that one or both of them stood up to George and told them how they felt about what he was saying to them. Those Alpha-Male Syndrome guys, when challenged, always seem to kick it up a notch:  Well, if I can’t best you verbally, then physically it is.

How insecure does one have to be with themselves to verbally and then physically assault someone because they are walking with a pink poodle? It was reported that George made a U-turn after passing by David and his boyfriend to do just that. How on Earth can a man justify that to his own self? “Oh man, those guys with that pink poodle — I better flip around and make sure they know how displeased I am with their pink dog.” I mean, REALLY? Pink wouldn’t be the color I would choose if I had a poodle (I’d probably stick to white), but pink is the color that David and his boyfriend decided would be good, and so it is. The color of their dog doesn’t affect me, nor should it have affected George.

George called their choice in color “Un-American.” If you want to talk about un-American, Mr. Anti-Gay, how about you look in the mirror? It’s un-American to be anti-gay and to attack someone while they are out minding their own business, not bothering anybody.  A true American, no…a true person, a decent human being, would never attack someone simply for being different from them. Diversity is one of the most prominent features of our country.

After I read about this story on KPTV, I took a look at the comments. There were a lot of comments that were just so hateful and ignorant that I could not believe it. Some were blaming David for the assault that was carried out on him, saying that David actually brought the assault on himself because he responded to George:  “If the pink dog guys responded to the idiot throwing homosexual slurs, then they are just as guilty!” It never ceases to amaze me how just plain dumb people can be. I can’t think but of a few situations in which physical violence would be justified as a result of something someone said, and most of us will never be in one of those situations where violence is needed.

Never having been the victim of a crime like the one that David and his boyfriend were, I can only imagine what they are going through mentally today. While David has said he is okay physically, he and his boyfriend will likely now be left with a fear and sadness they didn’t have before. Here is to hoping that they feel comfortable to go on about with their normal, everyday lives, before an insecure and hateful jackass decided he needed to commit an assault over a pink dog.

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Ed Fitzgerald is a father to three children and husband to his high-school sweetheart. He is a straight ally and looks forward to the day that all couples, regardless of gender, can have their love recognized officially with a marriage. Ed recently relocated to Arizona from Oregon, where he lived his whole life. When not dealing with his arguing children or cleaning up after them, he enjoys listening to music and playing video games. 

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  1. Totally unbelievable! There is no reason to attack anyone that is minding their own business or otherwise! I don’t understand people..I am ashamed to be even associated with them..I hope David will be okay and that George will go to jail for a hate crime. And shame on those people who blame David for his assault!What are those people thinking??? Thanks for sharing this story..

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