Anti-equality arguments: ignorance isn’t bliss

Anti-equality arguments (Tyler Blankenship)

15-year-old ally and LGBT activist, Tyler Blankenship

Before beginning, let me just clarify one thing: As much as it may seem it in this article, I am NOT at war with religion. I believe that religious communities are productive in the fact that many of them bring people together to help the needy and build relationships with others. With that said, I AM at war with religious extremism.This is mainly forcing the lifestyle on people who don’t want it, or denying civil rights to people based on faith. I don’t in any circumstance hate religious people, however. Many religious people are awesome, and I do recognize that not all religious people are anti-equality.

Is there a valid argument to denying same-sex marriage? I have yet to seen any valid secular argument to take away the right of same-sex marriage. The only arguments I’ve seen are religious, because this is basically a religious protest against love, and while there are many religious people who accept equality, there are many that don’t. The examples that you’ll see below are all religious-based arguments.

Right. This guy is trying to say that gay people are like Nazis. He says that the left-wing media gave LGBT the “image of a great lifestyle,” says that being gay is more than a choice, — a curable disease — and that this disease is harmful to society. This person claims that gay people are “aggressive” in promoting themselves, and wants to spread his own propaganda into schools, into the APA, and into politics. The most ridiculous part is that he wants to counter-protest LGBT rallies.

He wants to control other people’s lives, spread false propaganda to gain support for discrimination, and wants to indoctrinate children with his beliefs, and he wants to call the LGBT movement a Nazi movement? Too many logic flaws. This post spoke for itself.

The video below is the video referenced in the screenshot.


As I said, a purely religious argument. The only way to counter a religious argument is with another religious argument. There’s one thing I really want to highlight with this one, however. This person claims that marriage isn’t just about love. If it isn’t, then what IS it about? If you marry someone, I’d expect you love them (unless your name is Britney Spears). I had no issue pointing this out in my reply.

As I noted in the last paragraph, the rest of the argument was directly related to religion because the post the other person made was purely religious.

All I have to say is this: ovarian cancer.

Castration: surgical removal of the testicles.

I’ve already somewhat gone over this in an older post I made for this site.

These are just some recent examples of anti-equality; they are nowhere near the worst. I recommend watching the documentary “This is What Love In Action Looks Like.” This documentary helps back up most everything I’ve mentioned in this article.

Ignorance isn’t bliss.

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