Humanity: My reason for voting for Obama by Shonte Thompson

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I’ve thought long and hard about why I am voting for Obama, and it really boils down to one simple thing: humanity. I searched my soul and really examined what issues mean the most to me and it comes down to humanity. Humanity is all encompassing. It touches every single person on this planet. We are global citizens searching for a way to make our children’s future better. That does not start with the economy. It does not start with foreign affairs. It does not even start in the pocketbook. It starts with being human and wanting everyone to have the same rights.

I am a human being, and I want everyone to have the same rights as me. Why should my preference sexually allow me exclusivity to a select right that is only marked by a paper, yet I have broken that paper many times? Everyone deserves the right to love and marry whomever he or she desires. It is NOT just a slip of paper, and it is NOT the same thing as a partnership. It is a right. It is part of being human to allow others the same rights we, ourselves, take each and every day.

I’m not politically savvy. I know there are probably great reasons to vote for Romney. But for me it comes down to President Obama taking a stand and saying that he supports equality in marriage. I urge people to vote for humanity because only then can we all make things better across the board. A nation only is as strong as its frailest member, but with help, love, hope and equality, everyone can make things better.

I want Oregon to allow same-sex marriages. I want to stand proudly and applaud as everyone is given the right to legally marry the person he or she longs for, and I hope that it comes to pass soon. No one should be denied a basic tenant of human rights. Love does not know political parties. It does not recognize wealth. It senses a kindred soul and longs to be united with that soul.

We have to take a stand and be heard. Being silent is just as bad as voicing against same-sex marriage. I want freedom! I want equality! I want humanity! I want love for all that is recognized from the Supreme Court to the local court house to the board rooms across America.


Shonte Thompson is originally from a small town in rural Arkansas and moved to Oregon last year. She’s a freelance writer and is very passionate about human rights. She and her husband Dave both feel strongly about the issue of equality and are doing all they can to raise awareness within their families and with everyone they come into contact with.

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